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rifftide - miles davis solo
1952-04-26 - new york, birdland

Unissued at Birdland 1952-1959 (Rare Live Recordings RLR 88666)

davis is the only soloist on this date
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same date recordings:

1952-04-26 - new york, birdland
  rifftide - miles davis solo, first chorus
  rifftide - miles davis solo
  it could happen to you - miles davis solo
  wee-dot - miles davis solo

earlier versions:

1948-08-29 - new york, royal roost
  rifftide - theme with improvised bridge
  rifftide - fats navarro solo (first chorus)
1949-05-08 - paris, salle pleyel
  rifftide - theme and miles davis solo
  rifftide - miles davis exchanges and out theme
1952-04-25 - new york, birdland
  rifftide - theme and miles davis solo

later versions:

1955-07-17 - newport, festival field
  hackensack - miles davis solo

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