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you can learn a lot of things, watching at miles sixties movies, and it's a great disappointment that no movies do exist of the first era, parker studio recordings, royal roost, etc

trying to play his solos along with the original recordings is a challenge and a great opportunity for approaching his musical concept and his unique trumpet style

in some cases tunes have been slowed a bit in order to play more accurately along with the record, and long solos have been splitted into more fragments

a movie tells much more, about musical gestures, than the most accurate transcription, and so video recording has become the elected choice for this work

anyway, transcriptions are available in most cases, always Bb transposed.
they are as accurate as possible , but still some errors may remain

more, listening to original recordings is strongly recommended, as no transcription and no reproduction can entirely catch subtle features like sound quality, inflection, tone and articulation

enjoy themusicofmiles!

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